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The use of technology in the design is truly the best I’ve ever seen in the theatre, a testament to the research and dedication of the creative team, which includes a whopping four technologists, Alessandro Acquisti, Ralph Gross, Joe Holt, and Daniel Dickison.”

The Theatre Times

“the technological achievements were ingenious… the creative pedigree was impressive”

Seen and Heard

“an entrancing and innovative operatic piece that feels at once an audio-visual surprise party, secret, and sincere rally cry”

“For anyone timid of wading into the world of opera, this is the perfect plunge.”

Reviews Hub

“Subjects for immersive theater don’t get much more relevant than the insidious spread of surveillance, which is cleverly explored in the opera Looking at You.”

Heidi Waleson, The Wall Street Journal

“this incredible opera is a work of genius”

Hi Drama, Jacob Goldbas and Jan Ewing

“Kamala tackles the implications of digital privacy laws through an energetic, playful score and interactive multimedia which draw the audience into the discussion on a very personal level; Rob Handel’s delightfully nerdy libretto makes this a killer trifecta.”

– Jamie Leidwinger, WQXR