2013: Kamala and Rob meet at American Lyric Theatre and hatch the idea to collaborate on a Snowden privacy project.

2014: Accepted into the Civilians R&D Group – begin research and write first two songs.

2015: Develop outline for show at writing residency at Todd Mountain. Awarded Opera America Discovery Grant. 

2016: Receive Kevin Spacey Foundation  grant. Develop full draft of whole show. Workshop the full work without technology with six singers, four musicians and our music director (Sam McCoy) at the National Opera Center in NYC in June 2016.  Kristin joined the project as director following this workshop.

2016- 2017 Receive Puffin Foundation grant. Dramaturgy, Storyboarding and libretto and score revision with Kamala, Rob and Kristin. Carnegie Mellon and Bandcamp technology partners come on board. Several conversations with technologists and design team to tease out story elements vis a vis data-mining and capacity for content. Selected for Bric Lab residency. Libretto revision finished. Kristin, Rob, and Kamala 2 day retreat to discuss libretto and score revisions. Kamala receives New York State Council on the Arts commission.

WINTER 2018: Score revision finished. Two-week long BRICLab residency to address new revisions to score and libretto, and to test data-mining and tablet technology, culminating in 2 sold-out partially staged performances. 

SPRING 2018: Three-day Data-mining software beta test at Carnegie Mellon University

SUMMER 2018: Complete revision of data-mining software

FALL 2018: Music workshop with AntiSocial Music and HERE. Final score and libretto revisions

2019: Premiere.

2019 – 2020: Tour to 3-5 cities.

Anti-Social Music, of which Kamala is a member, is providing the musical ensemble of three sax players and one pianist for all workshops and the premiere.

Carnegie Mellon University, where Rob is a tenured professor, is committed to providing the ethical framework, data-mining protocol and automated data collection. They are supporting our project through their Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory led by internet privacy expert Alessandro Acquistii in a collaboration with BluPanda chief scientist Ralph Gross. They provided graduate students to lead the data-mining for our workshop in February with great success, will host our team for three days for our upcoming tech workshop this June, and will continue to provide the data-mining tech support for the premiere. 

HERE, where Kristin is Founding Artistic Director, will act as a fiscal sponsor and consulting producer providing space, equipment, producorial and fundraising support, technical support, work-in-progress showing, exposure to presenters, and help securing touring partners.