PRESS AGENT: John Wyszniewski,

Early Press on the Show

“Compelling drama, attractive music and a strikingly smart libretto. I’m excited to hear more, if ever offered the chance as a New Yorker!”

-Opera News

“Kamala tackles the implications of digital privacy laws through an energetic, playful score and interactive multimedia which draw the audience into the discussion on a very personal level; Rob Handel’s delightfully nerdy libretto makes this a killer trifecta.”

– Jamie Leidwinger, WQXR

Press on previous works by the lead artists


“An intense emotional experience. My heart was racing.”

-Broadway World

“A genuine thrill ride. As dizzying as a Nabokov-written episode of The West Wing.” – NY Sun

-NY Sun

“A tragedy disguised as a comedy. Beneath its pert dialogue and effortless theatricality, this play shows how little we know those we claim to love most.”

-The New York Times


“A sleekly designed immersive show.”

-The New York Times

“Director and choreographer Kristin Marting masterfully coordinates everything into a spectacle with sensational movement and dance.”

“With its visual and aural onslaught, SOUNDING is a feast for the senses.”

-TimeOut New York


“Sankaram is a new voice from whom we will surely be hearing more. She is born to the theater…”

-LA Times

MIRANDA is strikingly original… inventively shaped, full of character and emotionally direct and authentic.”

-The New York Times

“Ms. Sankaram’s music, inflected with the rhythms and melismas of Indian ragas, has a driving percussive energy and a distinctive sound…taking the story into the realm of myth.”

-The Wall Street Journal

“To those who complain that opera is an elitist indulgence served up to snobs in dinner jackets, New York’s latest world premiere may come as something of a shock… The score is an alluring blend of South Asian and Western music, and the production starkly innovative.”

-Agence France Press